Warn the Duke!

Book : Ragtime

Author: E. L. Doctorow

Recommend? Eh- it was interesting once…

Okay, I picked this one up last summer and am just getting around it because I just haven’t had enough time to read since I started my master’s degree. I picked it because I loved the music from the musical and was curious about it. It definitely satisfied my curiousity.

This was a quick read and since I already knew the story line, it was easy to follow. i thought it was odd that the some of the main characters had no names. It was a unique device.

That being said, the story line was just not very interesting. I also found that he detailed things I didn’t want to know and left out things that I did. I found it a bit dry and uninteresting. I thought that it could have been better if he had developed the story more than he did. I honestly think that the musical did a better job of telling the story than the book did. I also found a few of the scenes just unnecessary.
Good luck getting through this.


Final Rating:

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