You’ve just become the grim reaper- now what?

Book: A Dirty Job

Author: Christopher Moore

Recommend: If you have a twisted sense of humor

I bought this book on my honeymoon in the airport when I needed something to read because I remembered to pack all the unimportant things but somehow managed to make it all the way to the airport before I realized that I did not in fact have a book with me. Something that has only ever happened once. I never really got around to reading this because my husband detests people reading around him which makes our life rather interesting since I read constantly.

I took it on subbing jobs hoping I would read it during the teacher’s prep. Then I took it to work with me, hoping I’d read it on my prep until I somehow lost it. I knew I had a copy of it somewhere but had no idea where it had gone and refused to pick up another out of some twisted sense of the principle of the thing, having never made it past the first few chapters. This week, I was cleaning out my classroom as I am getting ready to switch schools and my husband found it buried on a shelf that I hadn’t touched in years. I put it in my purse and it got shoved to the top of my reading list. I finally got through it this morning.

Okay, this book was a bit too much like one of my favorite TV shows that should have had a much longer shelf life than it did (any other Dead Like Me fans out there?) but other than that I absolutely loved it. It was quirky, funny and I loved the whole beta male concept. (I took the quiz on my husband’s behalf I’m pretty sure he’s a beta). The little girl Sophie and the hellhounds are a great addition. One of the things i love about Moore is his ability to create very quirky and memorable characters.I am not a huge fan of most of his other work but I think this one is my favorite of his books. I also love Sophie’s use of the word kitty…

I would say that the only real negative I found with this was the pointless swearing and sex. We would have been fine without it. I don’t get why authors feel the need to throw that stuff in where it doesn’t belong. I don’t think it’s a great vehicle for comedy honestly but that may just be a personal preference issue.

This is definitely something to check out if you are looking for a lighthearted read and aren’t easily offended.

Final Rating:

Get it used...


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