Book: The Replacement

Author: Brenna Yovanoff

Recommend? If you are looking for a light fast-paced read with hints of horror…

I honestly was drawn to this book by the cover alone. It’s amazing and creeptastic (not a real word, but it works). I started reading it on my nook a while ago but just didn’t have time to actually sit down and get through it. Today I finally sat down and read it and enjoyed it quite a bit. I actually was still lost in the world of the book and got startled by a coworker as I was leaving the bookstore.

This book tells the story of a young teen named Mackie who is nothing like his peers even though he was raised as one of them. Mackie can’t be around blood, iron or set foot on consecrated ground because he is a changeling and his family knows it. His life starts to fall apart when he finds out that he is dying and starts down a new path that will lead him to the truth about his life and the whole town.

It was a fun fast paced jaunt into some interesting blend of the supernatural and magic. I found the characters oddly appealing, reminding me a bit of something Neil Gaiman would have written as less mature attempt of the memorable characters of Neverwhere. While this was a fun, fast read, I don’t know that it had enough substance to be one of my favorites. This is not a book I’m going to remember for years to come even though it was a fun read.

I think the weak point of this book was that supporting characters were more interesting than Mackie was at many points of the story, particularly Tate, Emma and Mackie’s mother. I also would have liked to see more on the plot line involving Mackie’s mother. I found that part of the story much more interesting than Mackie’s, not that his was bad by any means, I just think that it would have added so much more to the story to show what his mother went through.

Definitely a good Saturday read when you aren’t sure what to pick up next but not something that needs to be on your immediate read list.

Final Rating:

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