Tough but good read

Book: Little Dead Girl

Author: Elizabeth Scott

Recommend: If you can handle it but it deals with sensitive subjects…

Okay, I was at Barnes and Noble, my usual book store stop, especially since I got my nook and was searching for something new to read after my best friend got me a gift certificate and I decided to preview it. Well I decided the book was short enough that I would probably make my way through most of it in the hour they give you to read in store. I was right- I had two pages left. I went back today and finished the two pages.

The story is about a girl who is called Alice by the man who kidnapped her as a child and is growing tired of her because she has grown up and he plans to get rid of her. It is a fascinating look at what living through a miserable situation would be like. As the reader, you get an idea how her view of what is right and wrong gets so skewed. As I was reading I wanted her to get away, understood why she felt trapped and desperately hoped that Ray’s schemes would not work.The book was a real page turner, although the material is quite disturbing and I am not sure that it is appropriate for all teens.

It was definitely not the best book I have ever read however. There were a lot of things that I thought the author could have done better. The plot was good but the writing itself wasn’t anything to write home about. The language was simplistic and in some places almost too clean for the subject that was being dealt with. This story deals with physical, emotional and sexual abuse of a minor as well as kidnapping. Definitely a quick good read but I wouldn’t go right to fun. It was good but could have been great with some more time and effort. It felt like the author just settled for something she knew would sell instead of spending a bit more time on it.

This is something I wouldn’t mind reading again but it is not a must read in my book

Final rating:


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