Magical gifts

The second book

Book: Witch and Wizard and Witch and Wizard: The Gift

Author: James Patterson

Recommend: If you can handle the fact that you might not be the author’s target audience

Okay, I read the first book ages ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, so when the second one came out, I couldn’t wait to read it. This book tells the story of a brother and sister who are gifted with magic in a world where magic is illegal and anyone who doesn’t conform is suspect- think Nazi Germany at it’s height. These kids are mention in prophecy and you are introduced to them on the day they die- don’t worry there is a lot more story than that 😉

I found it very enjoyable to read. I have read a few of Patterson’s other books (not the big series though) and liked his writing. However, the target audience is definitely younger teens or preteens and it is very clear. On the other hand, for once in a very long time, I had no idea where he was going to take the storyline a good part of the time and it was just a lot of fun to read. I would recommend this if you can turn off your adult brain and put yourself into the headspace of a teen again. These are not the next great novel but definitely engaging and a lot of fun 🙂

These are both quick reads and fairly easy to get through. My only large complaint was the simple volume of chapters- there were way way way too many of them. The chapter breaks were happening so frequently that it honestly started to be distracting. Some of the time I would find myself having a bit of a hard time reengaging in the story simply because there was yet another chapter break.

Definitely worth a look overall- and great for your magic obsessed kid who is looking for something to read after Harry Potter.

Final Rating:

Get it used...




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