Vampire cheese


Book series: The Vampire Diaries

Author: L.J. Smith

Recommend: Not if it was the last book series on earth!!

Okay, I have to admit- I have been sucked into the all things vampire craze. I am a not so closet Twilight fan. You will never see a review of the Twilight Saga on here because I know that I can’t write an objective review. However, after my tenth time through the series, I knew that I needed to find something else to read. My Edward obsession was getting a bit out of control. Someone recommended this book series to me. I have never been so disappointed in a book series- ever! The moment I finished the first four books I had to go back and read Twilight again to restore my faith in vampire books – not kidding.

This series centers around a rich, shallow girl named Elena and two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon. I can’t say much more about the plot line without complete disbelief on your part. I am not kidding! It’s just THAT BAD! The author forced a love triangle that makes no sense, Elena becomes a vampire (and way too early) and it just get more ridiculous the further you read. Beyond the flat and improbable plot, the characters are completely awful! Elena is so shallow it hurts and then she goes through a complete personality makeover with no motivation. Stefan is too wimpy to be believable (this coming from an Edward girl) and Damon is just too unpredictable to be valid.

From what I hear, the TV show is nothing like the books but I have not been brave enough yet to try watching it after suffering through the horrific tragedy that is the book. It makes better kindling than it does a novel. I may tackle the show this summer but I almost anything would be an improvement on this- don’t waste your time reading words behaving this badly!

Final Rating:



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