Insight into some of the most significant women in history

5 books in 1

Book: A Lineage of Grace

Author: Francine Rivers

Recommend: Definitely- it gives a new perspective into some of the most famous women of the Bible

A friend of mine from my church told me that I simply had to read this book. At first I had no interest in reading it. Fictionalizations of Biblical characters can either be really good or just awful. I am pleased to say that this one was excellent. I only decided to read four of the five included books. The last book, having to do with Mary was just not very interesting to me and so I skipped it. The other four were really good and gave me a fresh perspective on some of the women that I had only read about.

The first section is about Tamar who had to trick her father-in-law into doing what was right. She was determined to do what was correct in their culture to keep her dead husband’s lineage alive. She risked everything to learn of God even though she had been raised to worship idols. Due to her influence, Judah (Joseph’s oldest brother) would finally be reconciled with God. Her obedience, no matter the cost placed her in the lineage of the Messiah. I found her tenacity and personality fascinating. It game some reason as to why she acted the way she did. I have never really understood how significant her actions were until I read this.

The second section is the story of Rehab the harlot. It gives us an idea of how she became the woman that she was and why she chose to follow God. It also showed why Salmon chose her to become his wife. Her faith coming out of a life of adultery was an amazing transformation, the likes of which only God could do.

The third book tells the story of Ruth. Of all the women in this book, she was the one I was most familiar with. However, I got new insight into how brave she truly was. Even though it is one writer’s interpretation, it makes the reader think about why she would have chosen Boaz.

The last book that I read told the story of Bathsheba; one of the most misunderstood women of the Bible in my opinion. Everyone knows what David’s choice did to him and his kingdom but very few stop to consider how much choice she would have had and how it would have effected her. She was obviously a woman who loved God because her sons were the only ones of David’s sons that grew up to love God. However, it makes the reader wonder how much of a say she had when David chose to be with her. This story for me had the most impact of any of the ones I read. For a modern culture, where no one seems to value purity and faithfulness, this was a good reminder that there are consequences when you choose not to follow God’s plan.

I found each story engaging and interesting. They made me think. I will be returning my friend’s copy of the book but I think I might have to get a copy of my own.

Final Rating:

Get it new!

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