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Book: Three Cups of Tea

Author: Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

Recommend: Will I get shot if I say no????

Okay before I get started let me just say in no uncertain terms that my review has absolutely nothing to do with my opinion about what Greg Mortenson does in the middle east. I think what he does is amazing and inspiring. However, I am judging the book as a reader as well so don’t get too upset when I say that I didn’t really enjoy this one.

My biggest issue with this book was that it just took WAY too long to get going. It was supposed to be about him starting schools for the boys and girls in remote villages near the mountain he failed to finish climbing. It is not to spend almost a third of the book talking about that failed climb and his other climbs. I get it – I really really get it. He is REALLY into mountain climbing. I just wanted to get to the story. I could see where he was going and the foundation. It did not need to be in so much detail or take so long to explain. It made me want to stop reading.

However, once I got into what he actually did for the children and families of the region the book seemed to pick up for the most part. There were still some sections where I felt like I was moving through thick sludge to get to the next interesting idea but they were far less frequent than the first third of the book (or so- I read this a couple weeks ago so I might be slightly off).

The positive of this book was seeing a man with such a heart for children that their own country had abandoned and forgotten. What he did for these people is amazing and his story should be told. I just think that the telling of it is taking away from what he has accomplished. Personally the book seems to lose focus and rabbit trail far too often. It’s like mining for precious stones, every once in a while you find something amazing but most of the time it’s all dirt and rock.

Honestly, this is not one I would waste my time on unless you want to know more about what he doing and then I wouldn’t pay for it!

Final Rating:

Library book




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