The real Alice- sort of

Book:Alice I Have Been

Author: Melanie Benjamin

Recommend? It really depends….

I bought this book just as the new “Alice in Wonderland” was coming out in theaters. I have always found the story and what little I knew about the author fascinating. I was also extremely eager to see the new movie. On top of that my mother had just come home with my grandfather after moving him out here. She brought with her my grandmother’s books, many of which were first editions including an old well loved (although not quite first edition) version of Alice.

I found the book fascinating. It is a fictional story based on the life of Alice Liddel (the muse for Alice). I found all incarnations of Alice intriguing. The book was well written and fast paced. My main concern of course was that it made many assumptions about the relationship between Alice and Lewis Carroll. There is some implication of pedophilia which may be more than a more sensitive reader can handle.My favorite part was not her interaction with the man who made her famous but her relationship with Prince Leopold and the pressures of being Alice.

While I found this to be an excellent read, I don’t think it will be on my frequent reread list… Whether this book is something you want to read is up to you.


Final Rating:

Library book


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