Stephen King… really???

Book: Under the Dome

Author: Stephen King

Recommend: Not worth the amount of time it takes to get through it due to the lame ending…

I am not a huge Stephen King fan, but when I am in the right mood, I find his books enjoyable so I took this book on vacation with me.

Under the Lame... ugh!

I read through all 1000+ pages and found most of it compelling and intriguing. However the end was one of the biggest letdowns I have ever read… baby aliens using the dome like kids use a magnifying glass on ants… REALLY??? I found that the disappointing ending basically killed the book for me.. I wouldn’t recommend it at all! Normally I wouldn’t give something like that away but it’s really just pathetic and so I don’t feel bad ruining the ending for you.

There were some positives though. The main characters were flawed and compelling. You really cared about what happened to them as you went through the story. The human villains were easy to hate and it made for an enjoyable read through the first 75% of the book. Towards the end however, he was killing off so many characters so quickly that it was like he just thought that he had to bring it to conclusion quickly. I also did not appreciate all the rough language used in the book- it just wasn’t necessary.

I am so glad I got it at the library and didn’t spend $40 on this one…


Final Rating:

Library book



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