Slightly different hero…

Book: Lovelock

Author: Orson Scott Card and Kathryn H. Kidd

Recommend? Only if you are die-hard Card fan otherwise run away fast…

I realized that so far, everything I have talked about has been stuff that I have loved. I decided it was high time to talk about something that really isn’t one of my favorites.

A friend of mine who loves books with animal main characters recommended this to me since she knows that I love Orson Scott Card. I dutifully read the book and was underwhelmed.

The main character came across as very unrealistic. It assumes that we can understand how any animal could think instead of giving them humanistic responses. This book fails at doing that miserably. The only redeeming qualities was that Card’s familiar style shined through. The family dynamics were interesting as well. However unless you are a Card fan, this one is definitely one to skip.

This is supposed to be the first book in a triology but so far it is the only one completed. This book is going to the used book store.


Final Rating:



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