Sequel to Controversy

Book 2Book: The Subtle Knife

Author: Philip Pullman

Recommend: I’m finding more issues with this series as I go on… I would be very careful…. reader beware!

I really enjoyed the first book and so I jumped into the second with great enthusiasm. However the more I read, the more blatant Pullman’s anti-Christian agenda became. This is a book I would NOT recommend for children. Even as an adult, you better be firm in what you believe before picking this one up. Pullman makes persuasive arguments that are veiled in this fast-paced story with beguiling characters.

While this book has been compared to Harry Potter and other books that are anti-Christianity, this author did not write to entertain, but to persuade which becomes very clear in the second book.

I am going to complete the series, so that I can give a full opinion of the story as a whole, but at this point I am reading with weary eyes.


Final Rating:



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