Interesting Read

The really bad cover

Book: The Singers of Time

Author: Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson

Recommend: If you are a die-hard science fiction fan

I picked this up at the library after laughing at the ridiculous cover. It literally has some of the most cheesy aliens I have ever seen, including the original Star Trek. If you can get past the cover however you’ll find a book worth reading.

The story is good and it moves quickly. The major complaint I would have with this book is all the lectures that one of the characters is ‘listening’ to. I felt like I was back in theoretical physics or hanging out with my best friend (who is a science and math guy). However if you realize that they are discussing the theories that lead up to string theory and are talking about wormholes and black holes, that’s all you need to know and you can skip over the lectures to the actual storyline which is interesting. Thank goodness they only take up about 7% of the book.

The characters are a bit unbelievable in our world of inventive CGI aliens due to their simplicity and similarities to common animals.

However, even though there were some definite negatives, it was not a difficult book to get through and it was a fast-paced and mostly enjoyable read. If you are looking for something just slightly different than all the new stuff coming out, this is an old one that might be worth your time.


Final Rating:

Library book


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