God Save the Bloody Queen

both covers

Book: Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter

Author: A.E. Moorat

Recommend: It’s a fun read, if you have a strong stomach.

I picked this one up at the library after looking at it while at my favorite bookstore and deciding that while I wanted to read it, I didn’t want to pay for it.

I had expected it to be something like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and was happy to be wrong. This story is much more of a traditional work of fiction, telling a story with all the excitement it deserves. While loosely based on the real time line of Queen Victoria, the demon plot does require some maneuvering of the facts.

Don’t believe a word that the outside of the book tells you however. The plot is much different than I expected.

It does warrant a warning however. This book is rather gory in some places. There are zombies and the like acting the way a zombie should- most of the time. This is definitely not something to read while eating, lets just put it that way 😉


Final Rating:

Library book


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  1. you are good. write more

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