Decided to rent the movie after reading the story

Button Button or The Box

Book: The Box

Author: Richard Matheson

Recommend: If you are a Matheson fan or like short stories.

I got this book at the used bookstore and took it with me to work out this evening. I finished it in two hours. This book is a collection of short works by Mr. Matheson. I am a big Matheson fan having read Somewhere in Time. I have also seen most of the movies based on his work. I plan to at least read What Dreams May Come but I am not sure about I am Legend .

The book starts with the story “Button, Button,” the basis for the movie The Box. I can see why they made this into a movie. I felt like there was a lot more to the story that what Matheson decided to give us.

Definitely an interesting and fast read. Worth taking a short time to read.


Final Rating:

Library book


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