Controversial but good

Book: The Golden Compass

Author: Philip Pullman

Recommend? Yes with some reservation

Okay I just finished the first book of the His Dark Instruments series and was completely blown away. The writing is engaging and compelling. The main character Lyra is uncomplicated(in a good way), spunky and determined. The conflict she finds herself in the middle of is dramatic and unpredictable.

All that being said, there is some issue with the book due to it’s Biblical ties. I can see how many Christians would find the book to be a problem. There is conflict against a church called the Magisterium which is the Catholic Church for all intents and purposes. The heroes are out to prove the church’s conclusions about the cause of sin as false. I can see how this would cause issues for many Christians. However I am not sure that I completely agree with their protest. There are many things that make this book purely fantasy starting with the daemons which are animal companions. It takes place in a parallel world similar to ours but with a more mystic feel. The second book is to take place is our universe, so it should be interesting to see fantasy characters injected into this author’s version of our world. Honestly I would compare the conflict here to the ones around the Harry Potter books. It’s fantasy and which they are using familiar elements, they are twisted in a way that make them fantasy.

I would NOT recommend this book for children or anyone who is not secure in what they believe however as it might cause some confusion. This is a book to be read with some caution and discussion. I would caution parents to discuss this heavily with their children or have their kids wait until their are older to read it.

I am excited to read the second and third book in the series to follow little Lyra and see where her adventures take her next.


Final Rating:

Library book

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