did they try with this cover??

Book: Snapped

Author: Pamela Klaffke

Recommend: For the mature audiences who can handle it…

I picked up this book at a whim without knowing much about it. I have to say, I absolutely loved it. It was completely different. The main character is almost forty and trying to figure her life out. She’s a alcoholic, caffeine addicted, chain smoker who has a successful career at a magazine who gives it all up.

This book is definitely not for anyone under the age of eighteen. The narrator and main character have a very adult life and her mental state isn’t completely stable. I would basically call her a tortured artist. I was able to relate to

certain parts of her personality and found her to be extremely compelling.

The only negative about this book is that it is rather graphic and not for just anyone.  I wouldn’t recommend this to the um-conservative crowd.However there are so many redeeming qualities that it makes for an amazing read.


Final Rating:

Get it used...


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