A fictional biography- twisted

The front and back cover

Book: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Author: Seth Grahame-Smith

Recommend? Yes if you like vamps and biographies- No if you are into fast paced books

This book was a very interesting read. I enjoy reading biographies when I’m in the mood and was pleasantly surprised that this book was written in a biographical style. I felt like I was reading a traditional Abraham Lincoln biography. Mr. Grahame-Smith seamlessly injects his vampire story line to the life of one of our most famous historical figures.

I was surprised by the very factual style of story telling. While it did add the benefit of remaining in the style, I couldn’t help but feel like it took away from the excitement. Some of the vampire kills could have been very interesting but they author was so rigid in his style that they were less interesting. It was one of the most unique vampire novels I have ever read and I loved the ending.

I will read more by this author but I don’t know that it will be right away due to the writing style. I do have Queen Victoria Demon Slayer but I think it may wait a while.

In the next few days I hope to add in not only reviews of things I am currently reading but to go through and review some of the many books I have read that have made a lasting impression (good and bad).


Final Rating:

Library book


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